What is homeopathy?

Homeopathic remedies are made from highly-diluted naturally occurring substances such as plants, animals and minerals. They are prescribed to stimulate and strengthen the body’s own healing response or immune system. Remedies are safe to take with conventional medications, while pregnant or breastfeeding and have been reported to ease many of the common symptoms that affect mothers and babies. An example of a plant based remedy is Arnica which is commonly used to ease the trauma of bumps and bruises. An example of a mineral-based remedy is Nat-Mur made from common salt. Patients report it is effective in treating dry skin and skin sensitivities. Other remedies are made from the animal kingdom. Sepia is a commonly used remedy that reportedly helps with menstrual problems. As remedies are highly diluted there is no danger of side-effects, interference with conventional medications, or addiction.

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Why would I use homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that is ideally placed to assist a pregnant women who might experience pregnancy related conditions or illnesses that she is unable to take the usual drugs for. You may prefer to avoid conventional medicines for your baby’s sake such as anti-fungals or antibiotics or even paracetamol for a headache. You can be assured that Homeopathy has no chemicals in it or harmful effects that might  compromise your pregnancy whilst it offers you a safe alternative with excellent results.

Safety of Homeopathy 

Homeopathy is a safe effective form of medicine. It is made from diluted naturally occurring substances and is therefore safe to take during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding . It may also be taken in conjunction with conventional medicine. 

How can I give remedies to my baby?

Usually the best way is by using the remedy granules and putting a few granules in the mouth, otherwise the remedy can be crushed and use a few grains in the mouth or you could put the remedy into previously boiled and cooled water and after stirring, use a few drops into your baby’s mouth.

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