Homeopathy after your baby is born

Homeopathy can be very supportive in the postpartum period. Those mothers who have had a Cesarean birth report that physical symptoms such as post operative pain and scar tissue healing are much improved following homeopathic treatment. Mothers also report a greater sense of well being emotionally, especially if their Cesarean had been un planned or un wished for. Mothers who have had an episiotomy, or a perineal tear report that symptoms of pain and discomfort are much lessened following homeopathy. Many women experience birth trauma following a difficult physical or emotional experience during the birth of their baby, homeopathy can greatly help lessen the severity of these symptoms and help mothers enjoy the early times with their baby.

Many mothers are released from midwifery care very early these days before breastfeeding is fully established. Homeopathy can help with the symptoms of mastits engorgement and low milk supply in conjunction with breastfeeding support. For breastfeeding support in the community contact La Leche League of Ireland, Friends of Breastfeeding, Cuidiu or the Association of Lactation Consultants of Ireland.

Babies often benefit from homeopathic treatment in the early days and months; common symptoms that mothers report homeopathy eases include tummy pains and teething

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