Homeopathy during labour and birth

Homeopathy is the only medicine that can apply itself in birth to release labour- inhibiting factors such as fear or grief. It uses the mother's emotional symptoms as the most important considerations when prescribing a remedy to progress the birth. In contrast, orthodox medicine at this stage may start a cascade of interventions that lead to chemical, mechanical or surgical treatment. Homeopathic remedies are useful during birth because they are non-toxic and can give relief from ailments or emotional disturbances without the need for drugs. Whilst you can self-prescribe during labour, having a professional homeopath with you will expand the number of remedies than can be used, and your homeopath will be able to prescribe very quickly on symptoms as, and if they arise. 

Services offered 

Attendance at births  


Attendance at births

I offer a service to support you with homeopathic care during your early labour (at home), during established labour and birth at home or in the hospital where the hospital policy permits this. If hospital policy only allows one birth partner I can be available by phone. I  will bring a full homeopathic kit with me, which includes many remedies not included in standard birth kits and we will also have a large number of potencies to best attune remedies to your symptoms (birth kits only have one potency). Your partner will also be relieved the responsibility of recognising and prescribing on symptoms and on selecting appropriate dosage and repeat dosage. I also work as a doula in the Dublin area. Currently, The Coombe has an open doula policy. I have also attended births at other hospitals by arrangement.


For more information on our homeopathic support and on our doula support during labour contact
drkrysia@gmail.com or call 087 7543751

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