Homeopathy During Pregnancy

Women treated with homeopathy during pregnancy have said that they experienced an improvement in the common ailments of pregnancy such as morning sickness, backache, heartburn, sinusitis anemia and piles. Women using homeopathy as a support during labour and breastfeeding report an improvement in symptoms such as back labour, long labours and after pains.   

Services Offered 

One to one sessions in person or on skype

Personalised tissue salt program for pregnancy

Tailor made homeopathic remedy kits

Guide to using remedies during the labour and after

Tissue Salt Support 

Tissue Salts can be very useful in pregnancy as they support both the mother's and growing baby's body as they change throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Five tissue salts are used in various combinations based on the particular aspect of a baby's development and specific needs of the mother. For example, some tissue salts are specifically used to support the healthy growth of bones and teeth, others are blood purifiers and are extremely useful in supporting mothers prone to anemia in the latter months of pregnancy. 

Tailor Made Remedy Kits

Remedy kits for Pregnancy and birth are available from commercial suppliers (eg. Nelson Homeopathic Pharmacy or Helios), however, in our experience we find that  these contain many remedies that an individual mother will not use. We offer tailor-made homeopathic remedy kits made specifically for you and the birth of your baby. As these do not contain a huge number of remedies they are easy to dispense for whoever is with you during your birth. We also offer tailor made kits to deal with common minor ailments of pregnancy and for breastfeeding support. These kits are usually made in conjunction with a homeopathic consultation. For the birth kits they are made and offered in conjunction with an antenatal preparation class for mother and birth partner. 

Guide to using remedies during the birth and after

These sessions are designed for the mum and her birth partner and are best taken late on in the pregnancy. They specifically look at the remedies that the mother will find useful for the birth and the immediate postpartum. Remedies and the symptoms that they ease will be discussed, as will the dosage of different remedies. Remedies will vary from woman to woman.Your homeopath will select the remedies best suited to you and your baby for this particular birth.   

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